Another living room has turned into a stage in Cambridge.

Last Sunday we spent a magic evening at Dea’s living room, performing arts and sharing ideas about dignity, freedom and the risks of rebelling against the establishment.

Acting Now’s most intimate performance is, with no doubt, You, Me and the Spanish Civil War, in which actress and director Marina  Pallares brings us her father’s personal experience during and after Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. He defended his freedom of speech and was taken to jail as a result. The idea comes up from an irresistible desire for not letting his father’ story be forgotten, lost behind the shadows of information coming from established sources and not from the individuals.

“My father risked his life during Franco’s dictatorship. But individuals’ stories won’t fill history books. It is my duty to bring you his voice to keep it alive”.


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The format of this show is very unique. It has been created to be performed in a very special place: your living room. Without compromising dramatic lighting or sound effects, the idea was to produce a piece of art as natural and intimate as possible. Involving just two people, it feels like it was made by a dozen. Marina Pallarés acts, dances and sings and Frederick Harris plays his own pieces on the guitar. Both artists perform with such a passion that they pass it on to the people in the audience from the very beginning. After the performance, they offer a casual Q & A about the topics on the story, and also about anything that people may want to bring to the conversation: Art, history or just life, really.

Anyone who is interested in hosting this theatre play at their house,  just needs to get in contact with Acting Now.   The only thing you will need to do is bringing your friends for the night.



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