A week inside Acting Now: a Photodiary by Arts Professional magazine


Did you miss out our photodiary? Acting now had the opportunity to work with the Arts Professional magazine to give an inside scoop in the everyday life of the organization.  Acting now’s artistic director Marina Pallares shared the different projects and activities that go on during a typical week in the company.

Arts professional is one of the most important online magazines in the UK regarding the arts sector. It covers the most relevant content for those with a professional interest in the arts. They show news stories that are important to those working in the arts, investigating what is going on in the sector and keeping professionals updated about changes in law, technology and policies. They offer a platform where art organizations and practitioners can write about their success and tell others about their experiences.

Want to know what is like to run a social theatre company?  Check out our photodiary!   Accompany us collecting votes for funding, giving physical theatre lessons, spending time working in online marketing campaigns, running drama workshops with learning disabled adults, and creating inspiring and thought provoking plays with adults facing mental health challenges.    We never get bored at Acting now!




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