We Still Standing
Applied Theatre play with an introduction from Rowan's music students.
Thu 25 April 6 pm @ Covent Garden Drama Studio, 58 Covent Garden CB1 2HT


We Still Standing is an original play devised by students from local charity Rowan and directed by Acting Now director Marina Pallarés-Elias. After six months of busy weekly sessions, this drama group has created a beautiful performance regarding the subjects of challenging situations, love, relationships, fear and hope.

Rowan's music students will be introducing the performances and on arrival refreshments and drinks will be available.

To show your support, pin the date down, join us, and you contribute to the continuity of the drama group!

ROWAN is a local charity and arts centre that helps improving the lives of people with learning disabilities through the provision of services and meaningful activities that improve health and wellbeing, as well as break down issues of social exclusion. They run a number of art studios one of them being dedicated for their drama group which is where all the magic happens.


At Acting Now we believe theatre is a catalyst for social change and should be for anyone and everyone, not limited by physical ability, condition, language or background. Our projects use the language of theatre with disadvantaged groups of varying abilities to enable them to find their voices in a safe and encouraging environment. Throughout the workshops, we also build social and emotional skills, self-expression and self-esteem and address the stigma attached to certain conditions. The projects culminate in original theatre performances based on the stories that emerge from the group.


Funny, moving, evocative, thought provocation.

Quite moving and has to be heard.

Amazing and inspiring!.

Impressed, moved, enjoyable, captivated.

I came without knowing what to expect. I was impressed by the organisation skills of the helpers and acting abilities of the cast.

Book your free tickets before it's too late, spaces are limited!

Tickets are limited due to seating capacity at the venue - if you book a ticket and then realise that you can't make it, it would really help us out if you could release your booked tickets so that others can come.

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