Marina to take part at Cambridge University Event "Language and Others":

Diversity and Humor in Catalonia and Ukraine

18th March 12.30 pm at The Pitt Building, University of Cambridge

Today Marina will take a part in the event “Languages and Others: Diversity and Humour in Catalonia and Ukraine” at the The Pitt Building, University of Cambridge.

She will share her experience directing “Polyphonic”, a devised theatre performance about language and identity that was presented at Cambridge Festival of Ideas last October 2018.

Polyphonic was the result of an ongoing project in partnership with Polygon Arts and Cambridge University in which we aim to bring stories of everyday multilingual lives to a wider audience. Acting Now has been working with community groups and individuals drawn from a dozen linguistic backgrounds to explore how speaking more than one language affects their lives. Through workshop and rehearsal, we devise intimate and interactive portrayals of the many identities the participants perform at home, at work, with friends and with family.Today’s event will bring together practitioners, activists and academics in order to engage the cases of Catalonia and Ukraine as platforms of enquiry for the interaction between languages and other modes of diversity such as race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and class. The participants will also explore how cultural works have deployed humour as a way to engage these modes with respect to language use, solidarity and Othering.

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