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Theatre of the Oppressed Training in Madrid

At the end of December, we led an international Theatre of the Oppressed workshop in Madrid (Spain).

During this workshop, 25 participants developed critical thinking skills through analysis of community situations and public participation in active dialogue. This theatrical technique has been implemented around the world with regard to social participation, community building, therapy, political activism and conflict resolution.

After this course, I feel comfortable in applying Theatre of the Oppressed techniques in my job.”

The group was fantastic and the teacher had a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as passion, and she knows how to lead a big group.”

The Theatre of the Oppressed is a community-based technique, which uses theatre as a tool for transformation. It was created by the Brazilian Augusto Boal, who in turn was inspired by the vision of Paulo Freire and his Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

The course aimed to reveal this technique as a tool for social transformation, as well as foster critical thinking and provide participants with an understanding of applied theatre.

We hope to develop more international projects during 2017.

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