A black and white poster showing a woman in a white shirt performing a play called: You, Me and the Spanish Civil War
a woman with out stretched hands
A group of people in a living room watching a woman perform


Something a bit different!

Combining a deep educational background in Physical Theatre with our emphasis for social projects, Acting´s Now Artistic Director Marina Pallares-Elias has produced the solo performance ‘You, Me and the Spanish Civil War’.

The idea comes up from an irresistible desire for not letting her father’ story be forgotten, lost behind the shadows of information coming from established sources and not from the individuals.

“My father risked his life during Franco’s dictatorship. But individuals’ stories won’t fill history books. It is my duty to bring you his voice to keep it alive”.

Performance Details

The format of this show is very unique. It has been created to be performed in a very special place: your living room.  

If you are interested in hosting this theatre play at your house, drop us an email at info@actingnow.co.uk.  The only thing you will need to do is bring your friends for the night.

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