‘Up To The Sky Is Where We Want To Dream’, the night of the premiere

Rowan students captivated an almost full house on the night of the premiere.

Last week we premiered Up To The Sky Is Where We Want To Dream, our last applied theatre production in partnership with Cambridge based organization Rowan. The performance was powerful and magnetic, and challenged the prejudices of some members of the audience, whose feedback revealed how impressed they were with the quality of the acting and the overall show. It took place at wonderful Anglia Ruskin University’s Covent Garden Drama Studio, which theatrical atmosphere and nice facilities helped to show the play at a professional level, as the crew indeed deserved.

It was a magic night where the talent and enthusiasm of Rowan students captivated an almost full house!

The play is a brave drama that, as one member of the audience pointed out during the Q&A, helps to enrich what is related with disability, that usually is only shown as "pink and fluffy". They have proved they are able to explore more intricate feelings beyond sadness and happines.

The work that Marina Pallares has been conducting with them using Lecoq Theatre and Physical Theatre (pedagogy in which she is expert), is blossoming at the moment. After two years of fun and engaging sessions, the group has reached a significant progress, at different levels: presence on stage, diversity of characters and physical movement (both individually and as a group).

This is the second physical theatre performance from this group of students at Rowan, organisation working with learning disabled people in Cambridge.  The actors were really looking forward to the big night and all of them showed not only a big commitment and enthusiasm, but also a remarkable professionality and presence on stage. The Q&A was an opportunity for the audience to express how powerful and moving the performance was and some of the actors cried receiving such emotive feedback!

It was with no doubt the result of a great team work. It was only possible thanks to the help of all the staff at Rowan and of our amazing volunteers: Mori, Rose and Jordan. Especially relevant was the work of Sara Nibbs with on the costume design and Sarah Button on the light and sound.

We expect to perform the play soon in other spaces around Cambridge, please get in touch if you are interested in programming us! info@actingnow.co.uk

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