Our theatrical workshops involving disadvantaged groups aim to take a step further and develop productions of exceptional high-quality. Acting Now´s Artistic Director Marina Pallares-Elias works with the groups to enable participants to tell their stories through the use of physical theatre language and provocative collaborative scripts.

For our participants, performances are an effective platform to decrease social isolation and break stereotypes and stigmas associated to them.

As for our audience, our aim is to establish a dialogue between them and the stage. Through active reflection, the audience is invited to critically analyse the situations and question the impact of particular behaviours that happen in the performance.

Through Q&As, drama activities and games surrounding the events, we enhance the element of communal experience in theatre and open up discussion.

Audience members have reacted passionately to our plays and have praised the performance skills and stage presence of both the actors and non-professional actors involved.


Check out our Methodology section to find out more about the range of techniques we use.