Drama-based techniques and methods provide a powerful tool for the development of personal and professional capabilities and integrating theory into practice.

They can help people and organisations to explore a wide range of issues, as well as assessing, practising and enhancing key competencies – bedside manners, ability to engage with service users, customer service, customer care, communication, conflict resolution and team building.

It is about experiential learning which helps participants recognise, and act on, their own learning needs.

Our role play services and training services are tailored to support health practitioners, educators, community-organisers, social workers and many others in customer service and customer care roles in order to improve their practice.


Engage our trained and experienced role-play actors to take the part of your service users, clients or staff in a workplace scenario for assessment and training purposes.

  • ROLE PLAY FOR ASSESSMENT - To facilitate the evaluation of your students, trainees or potential employees and their readiness for work

Professional role players enable your assessors to examine the capabilities and behaviour of the participants in a live, interactive situation and to fully focus their attention on evaluating and recording the exercise.

  • ROLE PLAY FOR TRAINING - To support training transfer to the workplace. Practice and improvement of key professional competencies

With professional role players, you can create a safe environment for participants to practise, enabling them to try out different approaches and to learn how to deal with difficult people or situations.


  • FORUM THEATRE TRAINING - To explore in depth challenging situations in the workplace in a participative manner

Forum Theatre is a fully interactive performance portraying a challenging situation followed by a safe group dynamic in which your staff/trainees will have the chance to take to the stage as ‘directors’ to suggest solutions to some of the issues shown.

  • BESPOKE TRAINING - To help your staff and organisation achieve specific objectives creatively

This training is specifically designed to meet your organisation needs, be it developing people’s interpersonal skills or promoting team building, with half-day and one-day options as well as longer programmes available.

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We have a team of experienced applied theatre practitioners and role-play actors for assessment, training and events. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and tailor our services to their needs, making sure we provide the best possible experience.

Our team in Cambridge will be happy to talk with you and to help you develop a plan that fits your budget and covers your expectations.

If you would like to discuss training opportunities with us, please contact

Companies we have worked with include, but are not limited to: Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK), Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK),  Bradford University (Bradford, UK), BBC (London, UK), La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain), Matadero (Madrid, Spain), Simprints (Cambridge, UK) and Charles de Gaulle University (Lille, France).

“It has been a real pleasure working with Acting Now and with your excellent team of actors. It really is inspiring work you do. Thank you for all your valuable contribution to our students learning and development”. Sarah Gawne, Social Work Practice Learning Team, Anglia Ruskin University.

By contracting our role play and training services, you are also helping to support our theatre projects that involve those at risk of social exclusion to change their lives for the better.