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I run physical theatre courses and training programmes for individuals and organisations who are interested in using theatre as a tool for communication, empowerment and debate. In the UK, I have run workshops in the Universities of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin and Bradford as well as for the BBC. I run a physical theatre school in Cambridge and I have been a lecturer in Applied Theatre at Anglia Ruskin University. Internationally, I have taught at the Universities of Lille (France) and Camilo José Cela (Spain), as well as La Casa Encendida and Matadero (Spain).

My specialism lies within physical theatre and applied theatre, and I’m also a professional facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed. I bring into my courses 15+ years of real-life experience working with communities at risk of social exclusion (from adults with lear­ning disabilities or mental health challenges, to homeless people, refugees and youth groups, queer communities and women).

I run one-off workshops, one to three-day intensive courses and longer-term programmes. I teach in the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and Italian.

Below is more information on the range of workshops I deliver. If you would like to host a workshop, or would simply want some more information, please get in touch: marina@actingnow.co.uk


• Physical Theatre. Introduction to Lecoq’s Pedagogy
• Mask Work: from neutral masks to larvarian masks
• The Greek Chorus
• Applying Physical Theatre Language to a Contemporary Script

» Who are the workshops for: theatre makers, actors and anyone interested in developing their physical storytelling skills. The workshops can be adapted for different skill levels (from beginners to advanced) or mixed level groups.


• Raw Theatre or Theatre of Yes (my own methodology working with groups at risk of social exclusion)
• Theatre of the Oppressed workshops

» Who are the workshops for: theatre practitioners, artists, social activists, teachers, community workers, charity representatives, youth workers and anyone interested in developing theatre that reveals the complexities of communities at risk of social exclusion or looking to integrate creative approaches to their social practice.


• Physical Theatre for Kids
• Forum Theatre your Young People

» Who are the workshops for: children and young people over 5 years old. The workshops can be adapted for different age groups.


Empowering Women Through Creative Action is a workshop intended to help participants recognise unconscious gender bias in the workplace and explore alternatives to overcome it.

» Who are the workshops for: organisations interested in promoting a more diverse, inclusive and equal workplace. This workshop will help companies to improve self-awareness, emotional health and well-being amongst female employe, and will provide a safe space to esxplore a wide range of issues, as well as new ideas to improve communication, conflict resolution and dynamics in the work environment.


I also offer bespoke workshops to help people and organisations achieve specific objectives creatively. Through drama-based techniques and methods, tailor-made workshops can explore a wide range of issues, including:
- interpersonal skills
- team building and conflict resolution
- gender equality and unconscious biases

Download my training programme available in English and Spanish: 


Programa formativo (ESP)

Training programme (ENG)

Empowering women through creative action


Check this video to know more about my Theatre of the Oppressed workshops: