Acting Now


Over the past 15 years, I have directed more than 50 theatre projects, mainly with people at risk of social exclusion, culminating in provocative and empowering performances using personal stories. This work has been presented in the UK and internationally, in festivals such as Hotbed Festival (Cambridge, UK); GrAFiTi Theatre Festival (Metz, France) and FiraTàrrega (Tarrega, Spain).

In the world in which we live, people at risk of social exclusion do not have safe spaces to express their voices. Theatre, especially physical theatre, can offer a space where participants feel free to articulate their ideas and be creative. In order to give a voice to people in need, performances emerge from the participants’ personal stories, creating theatre that is unique to them.

For our participants, performances are an effective platform to decrease social isolation and break stereotypes and stigmas associated with them. For audiences, our provocative plays offer an opportunity to engage with diverse narratives that are not often portrayed.

I believe it is important to enhance the element of communal experience in theatre and open up discussion. This is why all performances are supplemented with Q&As, drama activities and games that invite audiences to critically analyse the issues that arise in the performance and question the impact of particular characters’ behaviour.

Below you can read about the performances I have directed over the past years, since 2016.