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New drama group with women who are suffering cancer experiences

Last February, we started a women’s drama group at Cambridge Cancer Help Centre. This project has been made possible thanks to a grant that we have received from Cambridge Community Foundation.

The aim of this group is to help participants to increase self-esteem, discover new personal skills and have fun.

According to the Journal of International Medical Research (2009; 37: 182-188): “Going through cancer treatment has costs. It takes time, and may take away some patients’ physical ability to function. It can harm relationships with others, career goals, and sometimes faith.” In addition, the diagnosis of breast cancer has a negative psychological impact on the patient, while the type of surgery can play a significant role in determining the extent of post-operative self-esteem and sexual intimacy.


In our drama group, we want the women who participate to feel confident about themselves and expressing their desires without losing faith.

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