I have developed exciting community theatre plays with a variety of groups at risk of social exclusion, including:


“The sacrifices of a million women before me”, Homerton College, Cambridge University UK  2019

"Tejidos" with Carpa  Oaxaca, Mexico 2018.

Homeless people

“The raise and Fall of Mario Sanchex” CB2 Cambridge, Coventry, UK 2015


"The love is underground" YMCA , Cambridge, UK 2017

Rome community, Arci Sicily, Italy 2006

Mental Health

"I deserve a second chance" CB2, Cambridge, UK 2018

“Keep Holding my Hand”  Corpus Playroom, Cambridge, Uk 2016

“You are not going to stop me”  Cambridge, UK, 2016

Learning  disabilities

“We still standing” with Rowan, Covent Garden, Cambridge, UK 2019

“Tejidos” Deaf community Oaxaca, Mexico 2018

"Through the Cloud I can see you" with Rowan, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK 2018

“Up to the sky is where we want to dream” with Rowan, Covent Garden, Cambridge, UK 2017


“Monstruas”  ZINEGOAK  Film Festival, February, Bilbao Spain 2019

“Just a little bit longer”, The Kite Trust, Cambridge UK 2019

"What you do not see" The Kite Trust, Cambridge, UK 2018

"This is me" The Kite Trust, Cambridge, UK 2017

Young people

Barcelona Football Club Foundation, Barcelona, Spain 2007, 2008

Social Services Barcelona, Spain 2008-2012

(CISAS) Centro de Información y Servicio de Asesoría en Salud, Nicaragua, Salvador 2008



Other credits as theatre director include:

“Polyphonic II” University of Cambridge UK 2019

“Polyphony I” University of Cambridge UK 2018

“Antigone: Now”  The Junction, UK,  Marseille, France 2017

“Complicité” Corpus Play Rom, Cambridge, UK 2016

Forum Theatre

La XiXa Teatre , Barcelona, Spain 2010-2012

Impacta Teatre Barcelona, Spain 2008-2012

La Nave Va , Barcelona, Spain  2008-2012



I have delivered training for universities, businesses cultural centres and theatre companies, as follows. I have also run my own Theatre of the Oppressed trainings and a Physical Theatre School in Cambridge (UK)



Bradford University, UK 2019

Cambridge University, UK 2019

Anglia Ruskin University, UK 2017- 2018-2109

University of Lyle, France, 2018

Camilo José Cela University, Madrid, Spain 2017


BBC London, Manchester, UK 2019

Simprints Cambridge, UK 2017

Cultural Centres

CRA-P, Barcelona, Spain 2019

Casa Encendida Madrid, Spain 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019

Matadero Madrid, Spain 2018

Marinalco, Ciudad de Mexico, Spain 2018

(CISAS) Centro de Información y Servicio de Asesoría en Salud, Nicaragua, Salvador 2008

(IPA) International Play Association, Spain 2008

Theatre Companies

Mutantes Theatre Company , Saarbrucken Germany  2016,2017,2018,2019

Magnifico Teatrino Errante Italy 2018

Theatre of the Oppressed Trainings

Cambridge, UK, 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019

Madrid, Spain, 2017

Nicaragua 2008

Acting Now Training School of Physical Theatre (Cambridge, UK, 2016, 2017, 2018)



I have participated in a number of conferences as a guest speaker, sharing best practice and my methodology, including:

Languages and Others: Diversity and Humour in Catalonia and Ukraine, Cambridge University, UK 2019

Cambridge Art Network Conference, Cambridge City Council, UK 2018

Performing arts and social inclusion conference, Ministry of Culture, Spain (2018)

Art and migration conference, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK 2018



I’m currently in the process of finishing my first book:

Raw Theatre or Theatre of Yes” 2019



Master in Dramatherapy, Anglia Ruskin University, UK 2014

Degree Social Education University of Barcelona 2005

Acting  Studies University of Barcelona 2004

Diploma of Lecoq Estudis  de Teatre  2002


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