Monstruas (Monsters)

Date: Friday 15 February 2019 at 7.30 pm

PlaceBilborock - Muelle de la Merced 1, 48003 Bilbao (Spain)


‘Monstruas’ (Monsters) is a provocative piece devised with a group of lesbian and queer women to reflect about issues around gender, identity and diversity.

The dictionary tells us that a monster is a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature. A thing of extraordinary or daunting size. Then, why are lesbian and queer women called monsters? Approaching the notion of the 'monstrous' from a critical perspective, this piece gives voice to powerful women who want to fight against lesbophobia and all discrimination.

Directed by Marina Pallares-Elias, this piece is the result of an intensive three-day project working with la Sare Lesbianista in Bilbao, as part of Bilbao’s International GayLesboTrans Film and Performing Arts Festival, Zinegoak.

About Zinegoak:

Bilbao’s International GayLesboTrans Film and Performing Arts Festival, Zinegoak, was conceived in 2004 as tool to raise awareness of queer culture through culture, films and the performing arts. This annual event has become a benchmark of LGBT festivals internationally. It is held in February in the city of Bilbao, and in a large number of Basque towns in March.

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