Our theatre practice aims to:

  • Increase personal well being through participation: Through the creative process, the participants discover new ways of relating with others and of communicating ideas in general. This leads to improved self-awareness, empathy, self-esteem and therefore social equality.
  • Decrease the negative perception of people at risk of social exclusion: Drama is a wonderful way of breaking down barriers and seeing things in a new light. A key aim of the Acting Now is to improve the perception of disadvantaged groups in society.
  • Empower vulnerable people to feel more integrated in society. We manage this by improving the self-esteem and confidence of participants first, and by raising awareness of the issues they face in the local community in the second place.
  • Overcome isolation. People feel more engaged in their local community and have a true sense of pride in the contribution they make to it.
  • Bring different people together. We champion an inclusive practice in our drama workshops and help to build bridges between participants and audiences through the performances.
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