Acting Now’s Marina to participate at Caius Diversity Day

Caius Diversity Day 
Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge on 2nd February 2019

Marina will participate at Caius's first Diversity Day, an event which will aim to create a forum for discussion and understanding on a platform that will reduce the disconnect between culture societies, College spaces and members of the University that have not had the chance to navigate identity in either of these spaces.

The Forum Theatre workshop Marina will offer has been is designed to strengthen community activation and trust-building through interactive exercises developed from the fundamentals of creating Forum Theatre images. In this workshop, participants will explore community and personal issues using their storytelling and image building techniques and explore how different styles of presenting multiple perspectives can aid positive problem-solving.

Visit the event site here (Note that this event is now sold out).

If you are lucky to have ticket for this event we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Know more about Acting Now's Forum Theatre / Theatre of the Oppressed workshop in this video:

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