Keep Holding my Hand

6-7 April 2017, Corpus Playroom Theatre, Cambridge.  

On Tour around Care Homes in Cambridgeshire during 2017-2018

Theatre shows often portray issues such as mental health challenges. But our play ‘Keep Holding my Hand’, premiered last week in Cambridge, has gone further by bringing in local people who have suffered with difficulties and portraying their stories realistically.

We were lucky enough to perform ‘Keep Holding My Hand’ in ADC Corpus Playroom theatre.  Given the amazing feedback from the audience and the repercussion of the play, now it seems quite common sense to show the piece from a “proper” stage with lighting and theatre facilities. But the truth is that is not easy to find an organisation ready to give an opportunity to an integrated theatre company like us. And this is why we are incredibly thankful to ADC theatre for trusting us and giving voice to whom often do not have one.

From both nights we had an audience of 70 people who left us amazing feedback such the one from Valerie:

This kind of theatre gives the actors a unique opportunity to be witnessed in their transformations. I feel it helps them acknowledge how far they have travelled, to be able to perform their stories in front of an audience, to be seen rather than to hide. To be part of, rather than excluded. It certainly helps them find confidence. Thank you for making such journeys possible!

Here is the video that That's Cambridge TV produced after attending the performance on the night of the premiere: 



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