Hector Aristizabal workshop in Cambridge

Last weekend Acting Now proudly hosted and organized the workshop ‘From Action back to imagination’ by Hector Aristizabal in Cambridge. We sold out the capacity and received an amazing feedback from our participants.

Hector has been working all around the world sharing his wisdom for more than 20  years, so his name is enough attractive by itself to gather people from different countries. For this reason we wellcomed a very international group of 30 participants some of whom come all the way from Norway and France.

Some of the techniques we put in practice are:

  • Rainbow of desire
  • Theatre of witness
  • Cops-in-the-head
  • Storytelling
  • Ritual theatre

All together became a village and a human laboratory as we used our own stories and interests to explore diverse methodologies which helped us imagine alternatives to our common challenges. It was in esence a magical and emotional experience that cannot be summarized better but through but the feedback from the citizens of the colourful village we created together:

‘The experience was very inspiring and very intense on all levels - emotional, physical, and mental. A wonderful exploration of human situations with an open and deep view’.

‘Great experience not only as a facilitator but as a person. Full of compassion, love and healing. Social Transformation through Art and Theatre is possible!’

‘This workshop have been an amazing rewarding experience, I've been encouraged to find my own path in life and my own gift surrounded by wonderful people’.

‘I felt challenged, connected, expressive, surprised and filled with new methods, connections and inspirations to work with’.

‘Hector is a wonderful mentor. His stories, his way of sharing his skills and his knowledge, his sensitivity, his gentle but firm approach is what will stay with me, even more than the techniques and the practical hints’.


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