Theatre of the Oppressed Training 26th-27th November

The Theatre of the Oppressed workshop is designed for artists and creatives from all sectors, for anyone who could benefit from a deep insight into applied drama techniques.

Participants will be equipped with knowledge of the Theatre of the Oppressed technique and participatory theatre practices. In addition, they will have the chance to explore means of devising dramatic content and narratives and tips in facilitating creative programs for education purposes.

This experience is for actors and non-actors interested in using Theatre as a tool for communication, debate and social change within their communities. It is a MUST for theatre practitioners, social activists, teachers, community workers, charity representatives and youth workers.

26th and 27th November
Saturday 10-18h
Sunday 10-14H

Fee  Early bird 130 Pounds  before 1st October

        After 1st October, 150 POUNDS

Options of payment:

Limited spaces

If you have any questions, please write us at

How does it work?

The Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) methodology was created by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal. It is an applied drama technique and participatory theatre practice which empowers audiences and individuals for social change. In an oppressive political and social landscape, Boal’s efforts consisted in establishing a dialog between audience and stage with the aim of exploring the real needs and issues of his community. The theatrical act by itself is a conscious intervention, a rehearsal for social action based on a collective analysis of shared problems of oppression.

The workshop is designed to strengthen community activation and trust-building through interactive exercises developed from the fundamentals of The Theatre of the Oppressed.

 We will explore together the following parts:

  1. Trust-building games. Games are the foundation of Theatre of the Oppressed. They are a way to create relationships between actors and “spect-actors” (traditionally known as the audience), or between members of a community. Games are used to identify the images, sounds, and words that surround us, and to begin to examine and understand them. These games also develop collective awareness, sensory and spatial awareness, and improvisational skills.
  2. Image Theatre. This technique uses the human body as a tool of representing feelings, ideas, and relationships. Through sculpting others or using our own body to demonstrate a position, participants create solo and ensemble image sculptures that reflect an impression of a situation, story, or relationship.

Forum Theatre. A Forum Theatre is a fully interactive performance followed by a safe group dynamic in which the people in the audience have the chance to get up on stage and solve some of the problems the characters face. The show triggers a frank discussion with particular emphasis on the emotions involved on both sides of a dilemma.

What do you gain?

Acquire practical skills by experimenting with different TO techniques, such as trust-building games and image theatre

Learn about the theory and the background of TO and its various techniques
Explore how the methodology of Theatre of the Oppressed can be used as a form of participatory communication for social change

Discuss and explore how workshops of TO could be implemented in everyday work with vulnerable collectives

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