Rose Clark

Applied Theatre Practitioner

BA (Hons) in Drama. Rose has recently graduated and joined the Acting Now team after volunteering with them earlier this year. Her technique specialises in physical theatre which she has explored numerous times in the last three years. After leading the Theatre Society at the university, she produced and directed multiple productions performed at venues such as the Cambridge Junction, Mumford Theatre, and Covent Garden Studio. She is aiming to study an MA in Theatre Studies specifying in physical theatre within the next year.

Mori Plaschinski

Project Worker

MA Art and social Responsibility, BA Psychology. She has worked in projects combining theatre with social and mental health in Mexico, France and the U.K. Her work includes drama projects at care homes, drug rehab centres, eating disorders clinics and penitentiary institutions for minors. Mori joined Acting now in 2017, where she assists the workshop delivery and international coordination. She is the project worker for our drama group with LGBT+ youth alongside our partner organization The Kite Trust. Mori is currently developing her thesis research at the Charles de Gaulle Lille 3 University based on Acting Now´s work.

Cristina Roures performer

Cristina Roures Sepulveda

Arts Manager and Researcher

MA Arts Policy and Management; BA (Hons) Audiovisual Communication (Film and Media Studies)

Cristina has extensive experience in the field of event management, both at a national and international level and in a variety of fields (sports, education and arts and culture). She has also worked for major media and film companies in Spain (Mediapro and Bambu Producciones) and is currently the Operations Manager at the Cambridge Film Festival.

Cristina has been involved in Acting Now since 2016, supporting the running of the organisation and performing in various theatrical projects.

As part of her MA in Arts Policy and Management, she is researching organisational development in early stage arts organisations. Using Acting Now as a case study, her research aims to inform ways in which arts organisations can grow and sustain themselves and inform the company`s future strategy.

Nashira Martinez Marquez

Marketing and Project Manager

MA Arts Administration; MA Education; BA (Hons) Media Studies

Nashira has a wide experience working in both the arts and education sector. In Spain, she has worked at Projecta (Valencia), where she gained experience in event management and corporate communications in the cultural and tourism field. In the UK, she has worked at the Arts Picturehouse (Cambridge) in a variety of roles, as a duty manager, marketing assistant and projectionist.

Nashira joined Acting Now in 2016 and is responsible for managing all the marketing operations, from social media and publicity materials to photography and video making, as well as planning the organisation´s projects.

She likes acting in our inclusive theatre performances and achieving social impact through her work. She combines this passion with teaching and is currently lecturing at Anglia Ruskin University.