The Dramatic Relationship – our new theatre performance

The Dramatic Relationship
March 15 th 2018, 6pm.
Location: Cambridge University Press


Cambridge based charity Rowan thrives on creating art in all its forms and to give members an opportunity
to explore whatever creative outlets they would like. One of the many ways they do this is by having
a theatre group in which members collaborate with our fantastic volunteers of Rowan and are proud
to announce their new physical theatre play:

The Performance

Director Rose Clark has been using and teaching physical theatre to help create this show. After
weekly rehearsals the group have fully embraced the techniques and have created a piece that they
can all be proud of. Different characters, physical movement and stage presence all add to the final

The play will take you to various locations including the beach, the pub, a bowling alley, and even a
petting zoo. It’s a lovely story inspired by friendship, love and a general feeling of togetherness and

What has happened as a result of new experiences in the artistic world (physical theatre) is the
eagerness by members and colleagues to the performance that members like Lucy, Emma and Karl
are displaying. The performers and colleagues are extremely excited to show families

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