Testimonial 9

I absolutely loved the  Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop and I hope we will be able to make it an annual event.

Dr Fiona Macaulay, FRSA, Senior Lecturer

Peace Studies and International Development

University of Bradford

Testimonial 8

Congratulations to Acting Now and the members of QUACY for last night’s performance. It was a raw, sophisticated and heartfelt presentation, which demonstrates the power of creative expression.

Akua Obeng-Frimpong
Arts Development Officer, Community Services, Cambridge City Council

Testimonial 7

“‘I felt challenged, connected, expressive, surprised and filled with new methods, connections and inspirations to work with.

Participant at Hector Aristizabal Workshop May 2017

Testimonial 6

“This kind of theatre gives the actors a unique opportunity to be witnessed in their transformations. I feel it helps them acknowledge how far they have travelled, to be able to perform their stories in front of an audience, TO BE SEEN RATHER THAN TO HIDE. To be part of, rather than excluded. It certainly helps them find confidence. Thank you for making such journeys possible!

Valérie Fabre, Audience from ‘Keep Holding My Hand’