Antigone: Now - The woman who challenged the system

Antigone: Now premiered in July 2018 at Hotbed, the Cambridge new writing theatre festival produced by Menagerie Theatre Company, co-produced with the Cambridge Junction, and travelled to Marseille (France) in September for the Play Mediterranean Europe Festival.

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Antigone has had enough. Her brother is dead and her uncle Creon has banned his burial. Her fiancé and her sister are no help, so she decides to take matters into her own hands, risking death in the process. Written by Sophocles in 442 B.C., and presented here in a new adaptation, Antigone: Now tells the tale of a young heroine who goes against society to honour the death of her brother. This new powerfully physical version of the play depicts the empowerment of women and the crucial issues modern societies must grapple with today while exploring relationships in the context of war, nationalism and dysfunctional families.

Unique selling points:

PHYSICAL THEATRE Instead of the English classical interpretation of Antigone, we use Lecoq-based physical theatre principles, putting more emphasis on the power of suggestion, where environments and worlds are created on stage by actors. The human body is at the centre of the storytelling process and the focus is on the dramatic potential that can be unlocked from movement.

ACCESSIBLE ADAPTATION FOR NEW AUDIENCES This contemporary and physical adaptation enables audiences to experience classical literature in a non-conventional form. Physical theatre emphasises the imaginative participation of the audience and their commitment to what is on stage. This show is suitable for people with and without previous knowledge of this piece of universal theatre and is especially powerful to introduce new audiences to Greek mythology and the work of classic playwrights.

A STORY FOR NOW Sophocles’ ‘Antigone’ has been around for nearly 2500 years, yet the themes in the play resonate as strongly today as in the time of Ancient Greece. Gender roles, democracy and justice all come to the forefront when analysing Antigone.

General information and Technical resources:

Duration of the performance: 70 minutes, no interval Age suitability of the show: 12 years + Number on stage: 4 Stage dimensions: Width: Min. 3m. Depth: Min. 2m. Height: Min. 2m. Set: The performance does not require any props or furniture Lighting: Basic Music / sound: Basic. An amplification system.

Cast: Déa Ràk, Nichola Soyza, Emiliano Miles Troiano and Melina Liddiard

Directed by Marina Pallarès-Elias

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