Acting Now's Marina Pallarès-Elias to develop a project in Mexico during the summer.

Project funded by Arts Council England 

During July and August 2018 in Oaxaca, Mexico

Working together with CARPA (The Collective of Arts of Participation), Marina will create two provocative and empowering performances, one with indigenous women and another with indigenous youth offenders.

She will use Lecoq and Physical Theatre languages, where the movement will be the centre of the investigation. Assisted by Mori Plachinski, together with the participants they will explore movement through exercises and will put the focus on the production of stage action, by using personal stories. The creative process will run from 15 days with each group and during the workshops, play, analysis of movement, and improvisation will feature in every class, following the basic principles of Lecocq’s pedagogy. The resulted plays are intended to be a direct reflection of real life to raise awareness and generate changes. As Marina puts it:

“The material with which we create is out there, the world is enormous and beautifully poetic; creation does not need great inventions, but requires us to be open and receptive.”

This project will also set the frame for an international network platform, as Marina will work closely with other theatre practitioners like Carlos Camarillo, Claudia Landavazo, Pio Cinemano or Bruno Varela, who are at the moment using theatre to work with minorities like LGBT, BME and indigenous communities.

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