Acting Now’s Director to be teaching in Madrid in June 2017

Acting now’s director Marina Pallares will be giving a Theatre and social transformation workshop next month in Madrid Spain.

The workshop will focus on how to use theatre as a transformation tool to use conflict as an opportunity to create and how theatre can be used to empower subjects and promote their participation in society.

Marina and the participants will explore non violent alternatives to conflicts in communities, and social and educational contexts.  The main techniques that will be investigated are Theatre of the oppressed, playback theatre, forum theatre, etc.

During the intensive week, different techniques will be analyzed, as well as the stereotypes and prejudices that had been used as “weapons” to revile the identity of others from hegemonic cultural, social and political positions. A reflection will be made around the use of theatre as a means to achieve mediation and recognition of diversity in different social contexts.

The workshop will be held in “La Casa Encendida”, one of the most relevant social and cultural centers in Madrid, offering a dynamic and open space for artistic expressions, and reflection activities related to Culture, Solidarity, Environment and Education.

The course will take place from June 13th to June 16th, at 17.00 – 21.00.

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