in a wooden building three men are reaching forwards with smiling faces towards a woman
a group of people sitting outside on the grass with their feet and hands in a circle
three girl friends wearing denim jackets facing away with their arms around each other as they look towards trees


  • 2 hours session
  • Topic to be chosen from list


Forum Theatre is a fully interactive performance followed by a safe group dynamic in which the young people in the audience will have the chance to get up on stage and solve some of the problems the characters face. The show triggers a frank discussion with particular emphasis on the emotions involved on both sides of a dilemma.


It has three stages:

  1. Professional actors dramatise a conflict related to the selected topic (Bullying, Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy, etc.)
  2. Students work out solutions to the characters’ problems through role play. Rather than simply offering suggestions from the sidelines, they will need to come up on stage to play out each solution for themselves.
  3. Open discussion. The audience is prompted to analyse and to discuss the issues affecting their lives and their community.


Download the full Changemakers programme here