Aimed at schools, Changemakers is a programme of performance and theatrical workshops intended to help students make more informed choices. 

We offer a range of workshops with a choice of any four topics: 

  • Bullying and Cyber-bullying
  • Internet Safety and Social Networks
  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
  • Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy

By using drama and Forum Theatre techniques, we offer fun and effective tools that encourage young people to explore day-to-day issues, tackle social preconceptions, develop new ideas  and foster positive change.

Our programme of performance and theatrical workshops connect with the PSHE Curriculum at various stages so they represent a useful tool for teachers to reinforce or introduce into the classroom new content that will acquire a real status through theatre.

Download the full Changemakers programme here

Changemakers offers the following four options to schools with a choice of any of the above topics: