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The Theatre of the Oppressed workshop is an introductory workshop designed for people who want to learn Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. This theatre form was created by Brazilian Augusto Boal, who was inspired by the vision of Paulo Freire and his pedagogy of the oppressed. This is a community-based education technique that uses theatre as a tool for transformation. The Theatre of the Oppressed technique develops critical thinking through analysing community situations and engaging the participants and audience in an active dialogue. The Theatre of the Oppressed is implemented around the world for social participation, community building, therapy, political activism, and conflict resolution.

Workshop objectives

  • To introduce Theatre of the Oppressed as a tool for social transformation
  • To provide the participants with an understanding of applied theatre
  • To develop non-verbal communication by exploring the full potential of the body
  • To develop critical thinking
  • To create communal reflection around social issues.

The Theatre of the Oppressed techniques that we explore in this workshop are:

  • Theatre games
  • Image theatre, where spect-actors are invited to recreate concepts or emotions through static expression
  • Forum theatre, which involves the creation of a performance that centres on a situation of oppression and ends with an unresolved problem for the protagonist. The spect-actors are then invited to offer suggestions on how to help the protagonist and they take the stage to rehearse their suggestions with the other performers.
  • Invisible theatre, whereby a play masquerade as reality is performed in a public space. The objective is to create a situation where the involuntary audience become active participants.

The workshop is aimed at artists, theatre practitioners, educators, community leaders, social workers and activists looking to introduce creative approaches to their practice, as well as anyone who is passionate about social justice and wishes to increase their pedagogical and communication skills.

We have an ongoing relationship with La Casa Encendida in Madrid (Spain) to deliver TO workshops and also run one-off events in Cambridge along the year as part of our training programme.

Drop us an email to  info@actingnow.co.uk if you would like to get more information.