Through The Cloud I Can See You

Thu 15 March 2018, 6 pm @ The Cass Centre, Cambridge University Press CB2 8BS

Watch the performance:

Through the Cloud, I Can See You & The Dramatic Relationship are original plays devised by students from local charity Rowan and directed by Acting Now theatre practitioners Marina Pallares and Rose Clark. After six months of busy weekly sessions, both drama groups have created beautiful performances regarding the subjects of transformation, choices, growing, forgiveness and love.

Rowan is a local charity and arts centre that helps improving the lives of people with learning disabilities through the provision of services and meaningful activities that improve health and wellbeing, as well as break down issues of social exclusion. They run a number of art studios one of them being dedicated for their drama group which is where all the magic happens.

As a part of the Acting Now team, we have had the honour to witness this bunch of creative minds transforming their thoughts into a story that will change the way we see this world. One of these stars includes Emma Anderson whose recent short film The Sky is the Limit has been picked up by festivals around the world. She said in one of her interviews that “Your only limits are what you cannot imagine.” This quote describes perfectly the process we have been involved in making Through the Cloud, I Can See You. To show your support, pin the date down, join us, and you contribute to the continuity of the drama group.


At Acting Now we believe theatre is a catalyst for social change and should be for anyone and everyone, not limited by physical ability, condition, language or background. Our projects use the language of theatre with disadvantaged groups of varying abilities to enable them to find their voices in a safe and encouraging environment.

Throughout the workshops, we also build social and emotional skills, self-expression and self-esteem and address the stigma attached to certain conditions. The projects culminate in original theatre performances based on the stories that emerge from the group.

What you don’t see

What you don´t see
February 22 nd 2018  7 pm @ CB2 CAFE
5/7, Norfolk St, CB1 2LD Cambridge 


We have been working in partnership with The Kite Trust for over 5 months developing QUACY (Queer Art Cambridge youth) a drama group for young LGBT+ people. Trough months of hard work, fun and discoveries we developed the group´s first production. 

“What you don´t see” a devised theatre play made from the young people’s own stories, dreams, fears and desires. This is a powerful and unique performance combining physical theatre language, poetry, music and dance. The young people have discovered how they can express themselves through their bodies and how theatre can help them raise their voices.

The QUACY young people are ready to share with the audience this provocative journey where feelings, thoughts and hopes are presented.

We will be performing at the Kite Trust’s 25 th anniversary event, and we’ll have a second show on February 22 nd at CB2 Cafe.
Come and join us!

What you don´t see
February 22 nd
7 pm @ CB2 CAFE
5/7, Norfolk St, CB1 2LD Cambridge 

Love is Underground

Love is Underground

A play devised by Young refugees and volunteers in partnership with YMCA Cambridge

Acting now has been running a drama group for Young refugees at YMCA Cambridge. We have been working together for 3 months using physical theatre techniques, drama games and exercises to empower a group of young refugees from different countries.

Together we devised a provocative theatre play based on the participant´s experiences and stories. “Love is underground” is a powerful play, showing different life struggles, challenges and joy. This piece takes on a journey through warn torn countries, feeling trapped, travelling, songs, hope, love and reaching our dreams We presented the final performance last week during Acting now´s Christmas gathering.

All the Acting Now team, students, members from the different community theatre groups and other guests enjoyed the performance and gave really positive feedback. The young people who were part of the group felt really proud of their achievement and wish to continue doing further projects together.


Complicité, end of year show by Acting Now Physical Theatre School

Tue 11 July at Corpus Playroom Theatre, Cambridge

An original play devised by Acting Now's acting students, led by Artistic Director Marina Pallares-Elias.

Complicité is a tragicomedy that uses humour as a vehicle to reclaim a role for the elders in our society. The story takes place in a residence for the elderly and explores the dreams and disenchantment of the protagonists while denouncing the loneliness and powerless position they feel whilst denouncing their perceived loneliness and powerlessness.

We are very grateful to present the performance at Corpus Playroom, following a great experience in April 2017 with “Keep Holding My Hand”.

The play has no scenography. We purposely present an austere mise-en-scène so the focus is on the performers. All the spaces and objects are recreated through physical theatre.